You Can't Refuse These Style Secrets for The Offer

You may want to grab a cannoli and settle in, because we have some style secrets for The Offer to share.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, costume designer Amy Stofsky dished on bringing to life the Paramount+ series, which is a dramatic retelling of the making of The Godfather. And, as Amy detailed, it wasn’t necessarily an easy undertaking, with the show being based on real-life people and all.

From creating costumes from scratch to finding perfect duplicates to recreate iconic scenes, there was plenty for Amy and the design team to undertake when building the world of The Offer. However, being a self-proclaimed fan of Francis Ford Coppola‘s hit crime drama, Amy couldn’t be happier with the end result.

“I’ve been watching the series too,” she exclusively told E! News, “because most of the time, I’m not on the set at all.”

She even wrote to the producers of the show to tell them just how much she’s enjoying it. Same, Amy. Same.

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