Why Winning Time's Creator Is Comparing the Sports Drama to The Crown

If Winning Time creator Max Borenstein says that the series is like The Crown, does that make Jerry Buss the Lakers’ Queen Elizabeth?

The HBO show is about the Los Angeles Lakers, but Borenstein argues that it’s similar to The Crown in that there’s a family at the center of this famous institution. As he put it to Deadline, “it’s the story of a dynasty, and so much like The Crown, right, where you’re telling a dynasty story.”

He continued, “We don’t have royal families but we do have celebrities and we have this franchise that is for me even more fascinating than the royal family.”

While The Crown has the Windsors, the Lakers have the Buss family, who have held majority ownership of the team since 1979 and are a huge part of the Lakers’ history. Borenstein hopes to tell their part of the story in the series, sharing, “The life of Jerry Buss, and the growth of Jeanie Buss, who winds up ultimately in a power struggle with her brothers, after her father’s death, becoming the head of the organization and a brilliant owner in her own right.”

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