Why Abbott Elementary's Quinta Brunson Doesn't Talk Politics Anymore

Quinta Brunson used to be an outspoken advocate when it came to politics, but that all changed when ABC green-lit Abbott Elementary.

As the series creator, Quinta understands that a lot rides on the show’s success. “I used to be really vocal online and I’ve stopped because I just don’t want to be right now,” she said in the Hollywood Reporter comedy actress roundtable. “I want to take care of my show and my show is not just me, it’s like 300 people under me, and I want to protect them.”

On the other hand, Quinta gets that Abbott Elementary seems like a commentary on underfunded schools. Although the actress didn’t set out to create a show with a political message, she said, “That’s what got attached to it once it was out into the world.”

And it’s natural for people to discuss their takeaways from the show, but Quinta doesn’t want to take an active role in those conversations. “I feel like the best thing I can do right now is preserve that and listen,” she explained, adding, “But then, as a Black woman, people are like, ‘Come on, give me your activist opinion.’ And I don’t really have one right now.”

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