What Makes Megan Fox Feel Sexy Might Surprise You

E!: What I love about you two is that you have this twinsy vibe, you’ve described him as your “twin flame,” or your “blonde angel,” and you coordinate on the carpet, who dresses who? I’ve been dying to know.
MF: I mean, Maeve [Reilly] dresses me, but he has a stylist. I wait to see what he’s wearing, and then choose around that. Not every time, but because he can go in so many different directions from all black to being in all pink with zippers and sequins and whistles and feathers. And there’s all the things on him, so, I wait for him to choose, and then we wait to try to build a look around that usually.

E!: What is the sweetest thing the sweetest memory you have with him?
MF: I mean, over the course of two years, we have a lot of a lot of things that we’ve done together. He’s just a very romantic boy, so I have a lot of stories. But obviously, the work that he put into designing my ring, and what he said. I met with the designer and the designer spoke back to me what he had told him, why he wanted this ring to be the way that it was. The way he described me was very poetic, very romantic, and very sweet. He’s very thoughtful

He listens to every word I say and he remembers every word I’ve ever said, so he’ll get me Christmas gifts from something I mentioned the first week that I met him [because] that memory never left him. He sought out this gift for me based on that. I think one of the most romantic things anybody can do for you is to just listen.

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