These Stranger Things Season 4 Style Secrets Will Have You Missing the '80s

Sure, the monsters and mysteries on Stranger Things season four left us spooked, but let’s talk about what really matters: the totally tubular ’80s style, baby!

The fourth season of the Netflix sci-fi smash hit found our favorite characters canvassing all corners of the globe, which presented a uniquely challenging endeavor for the show’s costume designer, Amy Parris

In other words, we’re not (just) in Hawkins anymore. 

With parts of the story moving to California—and even Russia!—it was imperative for Amy to not only capture the ’80s aesthetic, but to also capture what made that aesthetic different in every setting. 

“I went regional knowing we’d be in different locations,” Amy exclusively told E! News’ While You Were Streaming. “I knew that California would be the desert-y vibe. I found yearbooks from the region and I leaned into the idea of it being sun-soaked, pastel colors. Stuff that we don’t often find in Hawkins. They’re a bit brighter in color, a bit more faded from the sun.”

She and her team made sure to make California look “a little more fashion forward” than their Midwestern counterparts, she said, sticking with “rich, saturated colors” in Hawkins.

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