The Bachelor's Catherine and Sean Lowe Share Star Wars and Marvel Clothes for the Family

E!: What do you guys love about shopping at Amazon?
CL: I think everybody loves the convenience of shopping at Amazon. They also have a crazy amount of options. With Amazon Essentials, everything’s super affordable. And of course, since it’s Amazon, it arrives really quickly on your doorstep. So, that is something that is hugely important to me, which I think covers all the bases. It’s affordable. It comes quickly. And there’s a ton of options.

E!: What do you love about Amazon Essentials specifically?
SL: For me, I love their t-shirts. I wear t-shirts every day. I found a really great t-shirt that I love from Amazon Essentials and I make it easy for myself. I ordered it in every color. They’re easy to replace, which is convenient and I trust that the quality is going to be great every time. It doesn’t get any easier for me.

CL: I personally love the options to coordinate clothes with my kids. There’s a shirt that’s Star Wars-themed that says “I am your father,” which Sean has. Our boys have coordinating shirts that say “I am your son.” I love the matching and I think it’s so cute when the kids coordinate. The shirts fit very well too. They are a great quality.

Mia and I get to do some Minnie Mouse coordination together. She’s in a super big Minnie Mouse phase, so the Disney Collection on Amazon is super fun for our family. I get to revisit some of my childhood favorites and I love seeing my kids like some of those same things.

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