The 10 Best Workplace Comedies, Ranked

Maya Rudolph is putting the werk into werk-place comedy with her new series Loot.

The show follows Molly, a newly-single billionaire with money to spare after divorcing her cheating husband, tech CEO John Novak, played by the king of the workplace comedy Adam Scott. Following their divorce, she goes on an Eat, Pray, Love-type journey, drinking and partying the nights away with her assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster). 

But after a messy moment with a Sting-lookalike, Molly is called into her charitable foundation and told to clean up her act. And while the group made only that request, Molly needs a new purpose in life and sets out to help the foundation, stirring up trouble for the employees.

And while Loot doesn’t seem like your typical workplace comedy because of Apple TV+’s big budget sets, it feels very similar Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock—which isn’t that surprising considering Parks and Rec and 30 Rock writers Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard are Loot‘s showrunners.

This sense of familiarity is good news for lovers of the genre and bad news for our ever-growing watchlist.

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