'Stop complaining!' Richard Coles opens up about rivalry with BBC's Richard Osman

With this giant change in his personal life, the vicar recently decided to retire from parish duties at his church in rural Northamptonshire, and instead volunteer with prisoners.

Coles said: “When your life partner dies what dies with them is your future and I realised I wanted to be with people who I love and care about and know well and it just so happens that some of them live in Sussex and one of my oldest friends, a house two doors up from hers was up for sale, and she said ‘why don’t you move here’ so I did.

“I think David on a good day would have wanted me to face forwards and step forwards; on a bad day he’d have loved me to stay at home stirring polenta and thinking of him again.

“But it’s just part of the process of bereavement, you get used to a world in which the other person’s not in it and then you start thinking, ‘well, I’m in it’, so what am I going to do?

“I think I’ve got some more to do.”

You can read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times

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