Reliving Stranger Things' Most Memorable Haircuts From Chic to Cruel

A haircut can make or break a look.

And with Stranger Things continuing to mine all the greatest hits from the ’80s archives, fans have been treated to just about every look, from major mohawks to gravity-defying perms.

Heading into season four, the show’s hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul had the extra task of crafting styles for new characters, including the California-based characters, ones like Argyle and Angela, who were a far cry from Indiana. “In California, we have bigger, looser hair shags, and Hawkins would be sticking to the tighter perms, the shorter hairdos… they’re a little bit stuck,” she explained to Netflix’s Tudum. “There’s still a little bit of that ’70s influence going on in Hawkins, whereas as soon as we go to California, you are just in the ’80s—full-blown.”

As part of her work, Hindsgaul aimed to have Eddie (Joseph Quinn) emulate Iron Maiden and Venom rockers, while Chrissy (Amybeth McNulty) channeled Molly Ringwald‘s Sixteen Candles character. 

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