Nikki Reveals Whether She's Ready to Have Kids in Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Sneak Peek

Planning a baby shower has Nikki Glaser feeling maternal.

Already an accomplished comedian, actress, podcast host and more, Nikki, 37, debates the possibility of becoming a parent in E! News’ exclusive Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? preview.

To set the scene, all of the guests are having a great time at the baby shower that Nikki and her mom, Julie Glaser, planned for Nikki’s younger sister, Lauren Green, who is expecting her third child.

Nikki’s roommate and The Nikki Glaser Podcast co-host Andrew Collin is having a particularly good time, joking, “I ate so much, I feel pregnant.”

At a table, Nikki chats with her sister’s co-worker Anna, who asks, “You think that you might consider having little babies some time?”

Having previously considered her career to be her child, Nikki says she would love to have a kid…as long as they end up like her adorable niece, Poppy.

“When I see [Poppy], I want more of you, but I’m not guaranteed to get one like you,” she jokes. “I’d have to find someone to take me to the sperm bank. I gotta get a ride.”

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