Murder Victim's Sister Asking Hulu to Remove Dead Asleep Doc Done Without Family's Permission

In an interview with the Rolling Stone last year, Jordan said that Dead Asleep‘s filmmakers had reached out to the family for interviews, but they declined after learning the documentary would be skewed toward Herman’s perspective of the incident. “If it wasn’t about him, we probably would have gotten involved,” she said. “But you could just tell that wasn’t what this was.”

And while she understands that the documentarians didn’t necessarily need the family’s permission to move forward with the project, she believes it was “wrong” for them to do so.

“We’re a grieving family. Why do they want to exploit us?” she added. “They’re putting our pain up on the screen. What they’re doing is hurting our family.”

Dead Asleep director Skye Borgman previously shared her thoughts on the documentary, telling FanSided that she hopes it “struck a good balance between telling Brooke Preston’s story and Randy Herman’s story and looked at it in a really balanced kind of way and incorporated the science and the psychology.”

“I really would love for people to walk away from it and really question and ask each other and talk about sleep,” she said. “Is it possible to kill someone in your sleep?”

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