Michelle Williams Is Still Defending Jeremy Strong, and It's All Because of Heath Ledger

Chastain, who starred opposite Jeremy in two movies, criticized the profile writer, Michael Schulman, for being biased, writing, “Ive known Jeremy Strong for 20yrs & worked with him on 2 films. Hes a lovely person. Very inspiring & passionate about his work. The profile that came out on him was incredibly one sided. Don’t believe everything you read folks.”

She added, “Snark sells but maybe its time we move beyond it.”

Jeremy’s Succession co-star Brian Cox has said that people warned the profile may backfire and admitted that it’s sometimes “exhausting” to work alongside him. “I think that he puts himself in vulnerable positions and with that New Yorker article,” Brian said, “he placed himself in a very, very vulnerable position, and I think that he didn’t need to do that.”

It certainly taught Michelle to be careful about what she says. She told Variety, “Now when I’m rambling on about my work or my process, I wonder if that should stay in the vault.”

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