Melissa McCarthy Reveals Which Gilmore Girls Star She Wants on God's Favorite Idiot

You’re going to be craving a hot cup of coffee from Luke’s Diner after this news!

Gilmore Girls alums Melissa McCarthy and Yanic Truesdale star alongside each other in Netflix’s new series, God’s Favorite Idiot. And while we’re happy we got this mini Sookie and Michel on-screen reunion, we couldn’t help but wonder which former cast member they’d like to see in a potential second season of the comedy.

So which Stars Hallow resident would they pick? None other than the Gilmore matriarch herself, Kelly Bishop.

“A cast member I’d like to come in season two,” Yanic said in an E! News exclusive interview. “Kelly Bishop.”

And Melissa agrees, “I would take Kelly Bishop or Lauren Graham any day of the week.”

Let’s get on this, Netflix!

Gilmore Girls aired for seven seasons from 2000 to 2007, and Yanic shared what it was like reuniting with Melissa on-screen 13 years later.

“I’ve seen her career grow and become who she is,” Yanic explained. “And I was very intrigued to work with her again with different characters and us being older and at different places in life.”

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