Little People, Big World Preview: Zach Roloff Says Relationship With Dad Matt Is Still "Tense"

Matt Roloff‘s olive branch for his son Zach comes in an unexpected form: a lawnmower.

In this exclusive sneak peek at the June 7 episode of Little People, Big World, the Roloff patriarch swings by his son’s new home, hoping for a peaceful visit. As fans of the series well know, the father-son duo have been at odds this season after Matt refused to sell Zach the north side of the family farm.

This explains why Matt is planning to “keep it simple” during his visit with Zach and his daughter-in-law Tori. “Maybe the mower can help begin that process of saying, ‘Hey! Let’s move on,'” Matt shares in a confessional.

Unfortunately for Matt, Zach is less keen to make up and move on, noting in his own confessional, “It’s nice that my dad brought the lawnmower, but the relationship is still tense. It’s not like what it was.”

Even though Zach admits that he’s been upset with Matt in the past, he explains why this drama is different, saying, “I’m just at this age now, where it’s like, ‘No! I’m not gonna just turn around again. It’s not gonna be the same.'”

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