JB Gill's mum lays bare son's horrific rugby injury that propelled him to career with JLS

“They started meeting regularly and they were rehearsing songs and stuff like that, even though they had no management, nothing!” Cynthia exclaimed.

“At this point he wasn’t going to do sport anymore – in the back of his head, what he really enjoys doing is his music.”

“[There was] disappointment at not being a rugby player, which is what he thought originally he was going to do, but [he could] switch to something else that he enjoyed equally,” she confirmed.

Cynthia helped her son transition through this process with regular pep talks and she is now campaigning for Talking Futures, to encourage other parents to make the same positive difference in their children’s lives.

Parents and educators can find out more and access free resources by visiting the Talking Futures website at: https://www.talkingfutures.org.uk/

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