'I'm old' Ricky Gervais stuns Alex Jones as comic talks death – 'Going to die soon'

Meanwhile, SuperNature sees the star mocking cancel culture.

He begins the new routine with jokes about Hitler, AIDS and transgender people.

Speaking on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 programme, Ricky addressed the potential backlash to the series by pointing out some “people want to be offended”.

Steve asked: “Do you ever get fed up Ricky with having to explain yourself?”

Ricky said: “At the beginning of this show it was sort of built into it.

“I say something and I explain it’s irony.

“I go through what irony is and as a joke, I say something I don’t really mean for comic effect.

“You as an audience laugh at the wrong thing because you know what the right thing is and it challenges them.”

“I try to remind people that a joke is a joke”. 

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