How Katy Perry Celebrated Her Second Mother's Day With Orlando Bloom and Daughter Daisy

“You always wonder who Prince Charming is going to be,” Richie said on the red carpet. “I’ve known Elliot since he was 12, 13 years old, so I kind of know the front end and the back end and the family. So, it’s really great.”

The trio of judges also weighed in on the show’s May 8 Mother’s Day episode, which narrowed down the season 20 competition to the final five contestants.

Out of the night’s jaw-dropping performances, Richie called contestant Nicolina “incredible.” Perry agreed, telling E! News, “I think tonight she was the best she’s ever been.”

Perry was also impressed by contestants Noah Thompson and Fritz Hager, who had to perform remotely because of positive COVID-19 diagnoses.

“I think they were playing it off, but I think they weren’t feeling great,” said Perry. “I think for as bad as they were feeling—I mean, Noah sounded the best he ever sounded, I think, in my opinion.”

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