How Becoming a Mother Influenced Penélope Cruz's Approach to Acting

Penélope Cruz doesn’t have much in common with her outrageous character in the new movie Official Competition…at least not anymore.

The Oscar winner plays fictional director Lola Cuevas in the film, who Cruz says has a unique method to making movies: “[She] thinks that people will give a better performance if they’re suffering.” As for the actress, she told E! News’ Daily Pop, “I don’t agree with that.”

“I used to think that in my 20s, or even in my 30s,” Cruz told Daily Pop at the film’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere. “But since I became a mother, I feel like I try not to mix things.”

Cruz welcomed son Leo, 11, and daughter Luna Encinas Cruz, 8, with actor Javier Bardem after they tied the knot in 2010.

And while motherhood has changed her views on filmmaking, Cruz said that one thing she does have in common with her role as Cuevas is a passion for directing, something she told Daily Pop she’s been interested in since she was 16 years old.

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