Get a grip!' Gary Linker sparks backlash from Brits over heatwave climate change warning

Gary Lineker, 61, has taken to Twitter to issue a climate change warning as Brits have been taking to the outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. He likened the situation to a “tumour” which people choose to ignore. 

The Match of the Day commentator posted the message to his 8.5 million followers. 

He wrote: “Another heatwave over Europe and elsewhere. Records broken year on year. 

“We’re like a cancer patient who knows there’s a tumour, but prefers to ignore it and hopes it goes away, even though it gets larger everyday. #DontLookUp” 

Fans took to the post with mixed feelings about the tweet. 

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@Alansmithson2 commented: “Get a grip mate. 1976 hottest summer ever,  and as someone already said, when I was a kid in the 60s/70s we had weeks and weeks of sunshine. 

“Lucky to get a few days each month now and people like you forecast end of the world heatwaves ffs.”

@Hallysmatt said: “You’re old enough to remember the summer of 76, we do have hot weather, it’s called summertime! 

“Give up with the ridiculous scaremongering.” 

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