Get a $40 Discount on These Ninja Foodie Nonstick Frying Pans

If you want to know more about these Ninja frying pans, check out these customer reviews. 

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium Fry Pan Reviews

A Ninja shopper raved, “This nonstick pan is perfect for anything you want to make in it. It doesn’t stick at all. It cooks evenly. It’s the perfect size. It’s got a nice strong long handle to it. It is so easy to clean after cooking no matter what you cook. You can even take it from the stove top and use it in the oven!! You can also use metal utensils in it. It doesn’t scratch at all!!”

Another explained, “This is my first time trying the Ninja neverstick pan and it’s amazing and versatile! It almost looks like a cast iron pan and can be used in the oven but works great on the stovetop too. Absolutely nothing sticks to this! I definitely recommend to anyone who cooks….this is the pan that does it all! And it’s dishwasher safe!” 

Someone else reviewed, “The Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium Hard-Anodized Pan lives up to its name – NeverStick. While I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, clean up isn’t my favorite part and having a quality non-stick pan is critical. Sunday mornings mean brunch and that means omelets for the family. With the Foodi NeverStick I can make omelets one after the other with just a quick wipe with a paper towel in between. My omelets always include extra cheese and even then they slip out easily allowing me to fold them for a perfect presentation every time. The pan is well weighted/balanced, sturdy, and handwashing is a breeze so it’s ready for my next task whether it be afternoon salmon or a late night grilled cheese. Five Stars!”

“The Ninja pan itself has many features I like. One being used as a frying pan- saute veggies, then add more ingredients and go into the oven as you see in the picture. The pan is non stick and can with stand very high temps for frying/ baking. It’s not your typical non stick coated pan. It’s sleek like a thinner pan, but the coating on the inside has more of a cast iron feel without the heaviness of a cast iron pan. Because it can with stand higher temps , it will not chip or flake like coatings do after a while of use,” a customer wrote. 

A shopper shared, “This isn’t your typical flimsy pan that promises to be of high quality and durability. As soon as you pick up this Ninja pan you realize how nice it is. It is a very heavy thick pan, and heavy is always good. A breeze to cook with and thanks to it’s amazing nonstick surface it’s a breeze to clean. I love this pan and have been cooking nonstop with it.”

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