Dorothy Wang Teases a Bling Empire Spin-Off

If you’ve already finished season two of Bling Empire, don’t worry—there could be more where that came from.

In an E! News exclusive interview, new cast member Dorothy Wang teased that Bling Empire could turn into a franchise. At the beginning of season two, Dorothy is in L.A., with the rest of the cast, and at the end, she’s in New York City. And the former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star sees an opportunity.

“There could be more than one Bling Empire, maybe?” Dorothy said. “There could be different Bling Empires scattered across the globe.” An empire of Empires!

So is Dorothy ready to set up shop and bring the streamer’s camera crews to the Big Apple? Perhaps.

“Listen, my life is always camera-ready,” Dorothy shared. “There are always fabulous Asians all around the world with stories to tell. And there’s always a show happening whether there are cameras rolling or not. So whenever, wherever I’m ready to go.”

Sounds like it’s your move, Netflix!

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