‘Don’t care about The Dynasty!’ Vanessa Redgrave's daughter Joely addresses famous family

“When I look back at my sister [the late Natasha Richardson], my cousin [Jemma Redgrave], my mum and dad [Tony Richardson], my grandparents [Michael Redgrave and Rachel Kempson], I simply feel enormous love.

“I remember once I was in a hotel room with my mum and Linny my aunt [Lynn Redgrave], and it was them with their make-up bags and their travel bags and they were going on a world tour telling their stories, just for humanity and compassion and the love of doing it. 

“It wasn’t about being rich and famous. They couldn’t stop themselves. Yes, there is a cut- throat element in showbiz, which has always existed. 

“But for my mother, my aunt, my uncle [Corin Redgrave], all of them, well, the fame, the brand and the money were never their motivation,” she added to this week’s Radio Times.

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