'Disgraceful!' Sheridan Smith 'very upset' after 'jewellery is robbed' on set of new drama

“Fortunately, it wasn’t hugely expensive items, more day-to-day things, but she had left them in her trailer for safety while filming in character and came back to find the place had been turned over.

“It’s hard to get on to a set without being recognised by somebody immediately, so a few incidents in quick succession is very unusual. It could be that the same people are targeting sets, knowing there are high-value items”, a source told The Sun.

Express.co.uk has contacted representatives for Sheridan for comment.

The publication also reported that the gang is nicknamed the Movie Takers, claiming the criminals have previously raided other film sets and are thought to have stolen thousands of pounds worth of jewellery.

In the new show, Sheridan has the lead role as Rosie, who suffers from anxiety and depression, and the plot follows her efforts to ditch booze and drugs and start afresh.

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