Dance Moms' Lennon Torres Has an Important Reminder For Everyone This Pride–And Always

Lennon Torres didn’t quietly start a new chapter: She strutted out to center stage so everyone watching could feel seen and heard by her journey.

Back in a May 2021 TikTok, the Dance Moms alum shared with her followers that she had begun transitioning. “I came out as gay when I was 15 years old,” she later told E! News. “I was training and working so much that I just didn’t have time to sit and think about who I was becoming.” In college, she watched as her friends discovered their true selves, noting, “‘I have some growing to do.’ That’s when I realized that the he/him pronouns and the identifying as a male was certainly not happening for me, and I came out as non-binary.” 

Soon, she began her medical transition, and today, she is, simply put, thriving. “I’m not hiding any part of me anymore,” she told E!. “I’m showing up as my full self.”

Here, a year in, the 23-year-old pens a personal essay on what she’s learned—and what’s to come…

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