Chris Pratt Says His Kids Don't Always Understand His Jurassic World Fame

Though he won’t get the chance to showcase that particular talent onscreen, Chris did learn one funny thing from the set: taming Velociraptors is not so different than taming kids.

“I use a lot of the same techniques,” Chris joked, “like physical force and dominance—you know what I mean—intimidation.”

And though Bryce ditched the heels for the latest Jurassic World film, that doesn’t mean her stunts were any easier. Chris revealed that one of Bryce’s most dangerous stunts could have been much worse.

“She jumps out of a plane,” said Chris, “and I think, for a long time, they were talking about maybe really kicking her out of a real plane.”

Thankfully, Bryce didn’t have to take the jump, even though Chris joked that “it’d be so good for the film.”

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