Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy, 10, snubs dad Jay-Z as she stuns with grown-up transformation

During an emotional moment seated with his ten-year-old daughter at the NBA Finals match in San Francisco yesterday, Jay-Z, 52, leaned in for a sweet father-daughter kiss.

However, a sheepish looking Blue Ivy simply pulled away and laughed.

Jay-Z holds the joint title for the most Grammy Awards an artist has ever received, rivalled only by Kanye West.

Yet his daughter’s nonchalant reaction was worlds away from the reception he typically receives from hordes of adoring fans.

Journalist Philip Lewis shared a video clip of the embarrassing moment, joking: “To us: Jay Z, the all time rap legend; To Blue Ivy: embarrassing dad.”

Beyoncé’s daughter also wowed fans with her grown-up transformation at the event, with many commenting that she now looks just like her famous mum.

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