BBC Radio 1's Adele Roberts inundated with support over cancer battle after 'brutal' chemo

Adele went on to add: “Let’s hope they went full ‘Call of Duty’ on the enemy and kicked cancers ass!”

More than 17,000 liked the post in a matter of hours and flooded it with messages of support and encouragement.

“You’ve been amazing throughout. Hoping for the best outcome for you! X” @katywhite62 wrote.

Meanwhile @tanya_mcguinness declared her a “champion” and said she was sending her “biggest prayers”.

Plus her girlfriend @kateholderness, who she has said she hopes to marry, praised that she was looking very fashion forward in spite of the traumatic circumstances.

“Your hospital gown looks very Westwood today,” she commented, punctuating her feelings with a heart emoji before adding: “I love you with all my heart my love – good news is coming.”

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