BBC host Clive Myrie says parents always looked up to Queen but 'times are different now'

“Some serious craftsmen taught me how to polish a diamond, but I didn’t learn how to cleave one.

“If you make one mistake you shatter the whole thing,” he told Radio Times.

In April, some BBC viewers questioned why Clive was reporting from Ukraine.

He responded by saying: “I’m struggling to find the words to deal with this kind of question, because at the end of the day… I’ve been a journalist for 30 years. I’m actually a journalist, not a presenter.”

He said on Today: “I know that there have been complaints from some people saying, ‘Why has a presenter gone out to report on the war?’ I am a reporter as well.

“My job is not to sit behind a desk reading a damn autocue. It’s to get out there and tell stories and I do it all the time.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times.

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