Andy Cohen Accidentally Revealed Kyle Richards Had Plastic Surgery: See Her Hilarious Reaction

Andy Cohen fell into a booby trap of sorts on the latest Watch What Happens Live.

Speaking with The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKyle Richards on June 16, Andy casually asked how her breast reduction was working out. 

“Thank you for letting everybody know, Andy,” Kyle responded, prompting an immediate gasp from Andy and gaggles of laughter from both the audience and fellow WWHL guest, Saturday Night Live cast member Chloe Fineman

Covering his face, Andy said, “I thought you’ve talked about it! No, no! Oh my god. You told me about it so many times! I’m so sorry.”

But no, as Kyle reiterated, “I never told anybody.” She then launched into an explanation for the procedure, which was indeed a breast reduction surgery. “I never had implants,” Kyle said. “I had double Ds, no implants. I still don’t have implants but I went in and I said, ‘I want smaller boobs. I don’t ever want to wear a bra ever again in my life again.’ And here I am.” 

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