And Just Like That's Cynthia Nixon Says Miranda Always Had "Lesbianic Qualities"

Miranda was born this way.

In And Just Like That…‘s debut season, Cynthia Nixon‘s character realized that she was interested in the same sex, which came as a surprise to viewers—but not to the actress. “Even though she was only really interested in men, I think that Miranda had many other queer and frankly, lesbianic qualities about her,” she told Variety. “And I think for a lot of gay women, she—we didn’t have a gay woman! But she was a stand-in for the gay women we didn’t have.” 

Nixon acknowledged that Samantha (Kim Cattrall) was a “little queer” in the series (she dated a woman in season four) but said it was “very different.”

On the show, Miranda was frequently going up against men and challenging tradition, both of which Nixon cited as key characteristics of many lesbians. As she told Variety, “I think not having to be under a man’s thumb has always been one of the very appealing things that being with another woman has to offer.”

Even showrunner Michael Patrick King thought that Miranda’s tendency toward “anarchy” was a sign that she could be gay. 

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